During the last days I realised some things about myself and how I want to handle stuff differently. We all had a rough year now and for me it was really hard to deal with a lot of things. Life happened in abundance and I wasn’t able to do anything besides that. This still frustrates me a lot.
But I was able to build up a routine, almost up to the level of a proper habit. Thanks to Roamresearch' Daily Pages I was able to set up a journaling habit. This got me to writing at least half of every day in the last year which is huge for me.
And I’m really enjoying it more and more.

The way I approach this is by setting up a daily page with a couple of questions like “How are you today?”, “What are you looking forward to today?” or “What’s your plan for today?”.
This gives me enough at hand to write a few sentences and I don’t need to find a muse or have a great idea about anything. I’ve started to push this further for other journaling or review techniques. A weekly review habit is not far!

Some of these answers get copied over into our Basecamp where we use these as a small daily report so we can keep in touch – a huge helper for our remote team. It was Basecamp with where I started answering theses daily questions. This way some of my writing already got a tiny audience.

So, in February I found Daily Blogging Challenge set up by Jeff Perry in which I commit to write a (small1) blog post every day in March. A small community gatheres in a Discord server where daily topics are organised and announced. This way all participants help each other to achieve the goal of this challenge.

Today’s topic is “Routine”.

Since I know myself enough that little pointers on what to write about lower the barrier and I want to write more in public, I accept the challenge!

  1. I’m happy if it’s more than 140 characters every day, but I’m fine with a photo as well ↩︎