@AndyNicolaides love the mood!

@manton DM replies might get very confusing, since they aren't Direct Messages in the traditional sense on Mastodon itself, but posts only available to all participants mentioned, which can be added later on. What would happen if I mention someone in that answer email?

I find this stuff confuses more people than necessary and I would be happy if micro.blog would stay far away from that :)

@superdavey @gr36 I think this might be the HTML status.lol puts into its feed. Noticed it this morning as well. Take a look and “edit” it on micro.blog.

There’s <div xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> which might create the margins in some clients.

@adam I’m not sure but I suspect you could trim the content part in the JSON/RSS feed a bit.

@canion what happens if @vincent gets mentioned in a reply?

@vincent hey Sir, have a good night!

@gdp @pratik @microlorian in Germany it's a bit different as far as I understand german law (aka I don't have a clue). On the one hand you are allowed to take pictures in public in almost all cases (with very few exceptions). On the other you have conflicting rights when you want to publish them. There's "freedom of art" vs. the "personal rights" or "the right to one's own image". As soon as you can identify a person on the picture it is not clear anymore and it becomes a legal case-by-case decision. So it's a grey area. If you publish it artful enough it should be ok. But what do I know.

In the end it seems to come down to: "Wo kein Kläger, da kein Richter." (Where there is no plaintiff, there is no judge).

So if you want to publish a photo with someone on it who can be identified, you'd be on the safe side to get consent to publish it.

@AndyNicolaides I think that issue isn't with micro.blog but at hover. host www.thedent.net ns1.hover.com returns a NOT FOUND which almost always means something in DNS is broken. And since it connects to your authoritative NS, it can't be propagation lagging behind.

Since micro.blog uses www.thedent.net most probably, it can't resolve, hence no images.

@AndyNicolaides looks like www.thedent.net isn't resolving in DNS. thedent.net seems to work.

@matti most probably not since mastodon has its own API that differs from micro.blog‘s

@pratik I got curious and searched. Most call it „meatballs menu“, but I prefer „dumplings“ 🥟🥟🥟

Microsoft officially calls it „ellipsis button“ in their guidelines .

@colinwalker welcome back! Thank you for your openess about your journey. It's helping others a lot. Me included.

@matti brrrrr. It's quite clear why Finnish saunas are the best saunas.

@Microlorian oh, scheisse. Das tut mir so leid. Ganz viel Kraft für deine Familie und dich!

@maique same here. As much as I can enjoy watching that place exploding it also breaks my heart. For me since I spent so much time there, found many friends and my career through them. It hurts. And it hurts to see so many people suffer and loose so many connections.

Yes, one can say the world would be better without it, but it’s never black and white like DHH oversimplifies. It just shows how much privilege he has and doesn’t include the knowledge about this in his words.

@maique fingers are crossed it stays that way! Get well and stay happy!

@geewiz This transition started with you building this excellent keyboard for me. Thanks so much, again. 🙏

@manton good to know, thanks.

Then please take the second part of my reply as a feature request 😬

@manton how does this affect the RSS feeds for my timeline? I’d love to have different feeds available with the same separation of content. This way I could use the full firehouse via web and just the posts without any replies in my feed reader.

@manton could this be related to the issues I've had several times with images not showing up when subscribing to the mastodon account? See social.lol/@muhh/109... for an example.

This might explain why it doesn't change there since the Mastodon server seems to cache the images. Except one where it seems to fail during the fetch and then only hosts a 1px image.

@Microlorian Good morning!

@heyloura this is GLORIOUS!

@AndiBauer schweinfurt. Gute Spielplätze dabei und insgesamt kurze Wege. Ideal mit den Kinners.

@vincent I think you wrote that in context of tonights social.lol's outage and Adam streamed that live? Wow, I wouldn't do incident handling live myself. Way too many distractions that could happen that way. I'd probably would reduce it to video-only of myself and an open chat window of the stream so I could use them for rubberducking…

On the other hand I am very much pro livestreaming all the DevOps things that aren't happening under that pressure :)

@maique you need to open that last link in a browser though. Opening it in-app doesn’t work as well.

@maique of course! It’s @muhh

It’s in my recommended accounts on my mastodon profile as well.

Pro tip: add ?remote_follow=1 to your micro.blog profile URL and you see the activityPub address and get a form to subscribe.

-> micro.blog/maique