@eay herzlichste Glückwünsche! Habt eine tolle Kennenlernzeit!

@manton Nice one! I used it to set up lots of link rel-me's and remove lots of things from the footer.

@pimoore I think I’m at the point where I would very ok with the watch and an iPad (mini).

@vincent holy cow, at first I thought: "hmm, posting to micro.blog must be easier than putting that same phrase into a search engine!". Then I did it myself, found blog.reputationx.com/block-way... and 🤯

What. the.

@AndyNicolaides I've been using a private list for years now. For quite some time I'm reading it only via Netnewswire now. This works remarkably well.

@otaviocc Great! This is next to get integrated into my Obsidian workflow. I have one or more requests and ideas already. Where do you prefer do get them?

@amit did you activate it in micro.blog/account/m... If I understood @manton's post correctly you need to it yourself for your own domain to work.

@val looking around me (my kids) I’d say it is very childish, but only in the way that even little kids behave like this. Which makes it very human from my point of view.

@manton HUGE! 🤌😚

@val after a couple of days I can report that just going to bed earlier already helps a lot. I'm actually in a very good mood for a monday 😄

@Mandalorian really beautiful! what are you using to edit your photos?

@manton uuuuh, yay, now that I think I know what it might be, I'm getting really excited. Had actually some thoughts about how the one in the room might be working better together with micro.blog 😁

It shouldn’t be too hard to reach that goal. Just need to go earlier to bed. Yes, I’m that stupid.

@maique I can smell that food and air. oh, how I miss that food.

@manton I'm a fan of nginx' 444 return code for stuff like this. No need to waste any energy on that junk.

@Mandalorian did you watch that good bye video in the article? And then a merged version of it with "touch"?

It's so beautiful.


@manton This is really great, thanks!

And here's the first feature request: I'd love is to define a category the imported posts get automatically assigned. 😉

@manton if my two most favorite places on the internets would work even closer together, oh, that would be so nice 😊

@odd it’s 45MB per file. help.micro.blog/t/pricing...

@jasraj I've ran our internal discourse using docker. I used the official 30 minute guide at the time which still reads the same.
I don't think it can get a lot easier.

@LJPUK I enjoy your blogging.

There was a time when you were trying too hard to make money, which is why I unsubscribed. But now it's all about what keeps you interested. And I think that's good.

Oh, and of course the main goal: to get me to buy an iPhone 13 mini....

That’s outside on the south west side of our house. Directly above the street. So to be expected to be hot.


@Mandalorian In the last few weeks, two different people have contacted me with broken phones or external hard drives. With photos over several years. They are now looking for professional recovery options. I am very confident that a few euros a month is absolutely worth it to remove the hassle and even grief they are now experiencing. And if you are happy with the Google service, go for it. I pay Apple for that peace of mind.

@Mandalorian o_O and I just cleaned up…

hehe, you should see the floor behind me. There's the real mess. What's in the table is work in progress :)

@UndamnedOne @cliffordbeshers @vladcampos @val Thanks, everyone!

Let's see if I can find a topic in the photo challenge where I can use photos of that place again.