@gr36 @manton that is a very interesting request that I would like to second!

@dominikhoecht I mostly use it on one device only so sync isn't that of a necessity anymore. In the past 20 years of reading feeds I relied the longest on inoreader for backend sync. It's support by all the fancy readers as well. Excellent service.

@dominikhoecht netnewswire. It syncs via iCloud and I read only on the phone and the small iPad.

@UndamnedOne yeah, I know. It feels really bad. The set is part of my little collection of stuff I do to keep me sane to continue the work to survive.

@dominikhoecht www.mocpixel.com/products/...

@BenSouthwood oh, sorry, missed to answer. We are close to Wicklow.

@prealpinux :prami: 💗

@khurtwilliams two days work, two days hiking and other fun things 😄

@Miraz happy new year (to you)! 🙂

@khurtwilliams I’m going to Ireland to meet with @geewiz

@dominikhoecht 👏 i love this!

And my micro.blog profile has proper content now as well!

@pimoore thank you ♥️

@dominikhoecht Hey, welcome back! I hope you're doing good!

@odd TBH, you shouldn't. But still. FUN!

@odd you should. Feels nice dipping into things that were defined only two months after I was born. https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc742

finger me@muhh.lol is already working. It's ugly and broken in some ways, but works :)

@V_ 🙏 thank you!

@jack you can configure a CDN like that to keep text and image side by side and still get the benefits.

You set the "Pull" to the origin, ie. your domain and reference images in HTML with the CDN domain.

When a image cdn.baty.net/image.png gets requested it gets pulled by the CDN from baty.net/image.png, cached in the CDN and consequently delivered from there.

This is what I would use all the time over seperating image from text.

You have to adapt the image URLs either way. But if you want to stop using the CDN, you point cdn.baty.net to your normal host and it still will work. No copying around necessary.

@hutaffe noticed that a couple of days ago as well :/ His instagram „moment_bild“ still exists.

@orgain sowas hab ich seit zwanzig Jahren nicht mehr

@rknightuk "what we believe in" :)

@canion What helped or actually is helping me with anxiety and depressive phases a lot is "The Obstacle Is The Way" by Ryan Holiday. @patrickrhone recommended it several times (thank you Patrick!) and it really pushed me out of that hellhole as soon as I was able to start it.

@esamecar hehe, da hab ich keine Sorgen. K1 wird sehr bald 10. Und die Kindergeburtstage mit ihm waren auch schon vorher anstrengend ;)

@canion yep. Sending you some hugs. Apply as you want to!

@rknightuk @help oh, I'd love such a feature as well. My use case: import from status.muhh.lol and tag it as such.

I think an extension of the filters would be great for this!