@Annie I’m at omg.muhh.lol

I have a thing to use my own domains.

@numericcitizen you can’t reserve just that name. It’s always part of the server, very much like how email works. So it would be numericcitizen@somemastodon.social. You’d go to the instance you want to be on and register your name there.

@moellus "VCL all the things!!" soag I

@moellus HIPPER-MIST

@nielsk Ok, sorry, ignorance might be a bit strong. But again, you write "it happened and they don't know".

I think you weaken your argument and very important intention (as I understood it in the first place: "how can it be that 1PW doesn't have any issues?"), when you leave out the possibility that 1PW might be successful in not making these severe mistakes.

It's not that I'm convinced that 1PW has the holy grail of security management and does everything alright and will never have any problems. But they have a long history (longer than lastpass), that without incidents and a huge userbase in the Apple ecosystem. Which has or at least has had a lot of developers and security related folks actively working there.

@nielsk "Argumentum ex silentio".

Of course it's important to know how and why 1pw has this clean track record in regards of security. But you can't get there by asking questions that imply ignorance and missing due diligence.

@nielsk these are quite unfair questions since even 1PW can't refute them. Maybe LastPass is just that bad.

@maique oh, this is a great one.

The fellow‘s name is on the bottom 😆 He’s quite famous for his words.

The words below him aren’t his though, but like a fan slogan of the soccer team „Eintracht Frankfurt“. Their logo is on his jacket.

Not that I’m a fan or even remotely interested in that, but the fake quote play with Goethe and Frankfurt is funny 😄

@pimoore the kids immune systems are ok btw. It’s not masks that are the cause of the current issues.

www.insider.com/why-kids-... publichealth.jhu.edu/2022/is-t...

@moonmehta @manuelmoreale oh, great! Welcome!

@spicewiesel gute Besserung!

@spicewiesel Nach dem ersten Kaffee braucht es halt eine kleine Pause. Weisst doch wie's ist 😀

@gr36 the lighting is nice on this one. Beautiful!

@AndyNicolaides love the mood!

@manton DM replies might get very confusing, since they aren't Direct Messages in the traditional sense on Mastodon itself, but posts only available to all participants mentioned, which can be added later on. What would happen if I mention someone in that answer email?

I find this stuff confuses more people than necessary and I would be happy if micro.blog would stay far away from that :)

@superdavey @gr36 I think this might be the HTML status.lol puts into its feed. Noticed it this morning as well. Take a look and “edit” it on micro.blog.

There’s <div xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> which might create the margins in some clients.

@adam I’m not sure but I suspect you could trim the content part in the JSON/RSS feed a bit.

@canion what happens if @vincent gets mentioned in a reply?

@vincent hey Sir, have a good night!

@gdp @pratik @microlorian in Germany it's a bit different as far as I understand german law (aka I don't have a clue). On the one hand you are allowed to take pictures in public in almost all cases (with very few exceptions). On the other you have conflicting rights when you want to publish them. There's "freedom of art" vs. the "personal rights" or "the right to one's own image". As soon as you can identify a person on the picture it is not clear anymore and it becomes a legal case-by-case decision. So it's a grey area. If you publish it artful enough it should be ok. But what do I know.

In the end it seems to come down to: "Wo kein Kläger, da kein Richter." (Where there is no plaintiff, there is no judge).

So if you want to publish a photo with someone on it who can be identified, you'd be on the safe side to get consent to publish it.

@AndyNicolaides I think that issue isn't with micro.blog but at hover. host www.thedent.net ns1.hover.com returns a NOT FOUND which almost always means something in DNS is broken. And since it connects to your authoritative NS, it can't be propagation lagging behind.

Since micro.blog uses www.thedent.net most probably, it can't resolve, hence no images.

@AndyNicolaides looks like www.thedent.net isn't resolving in DNS. thedent.net seems to work.

@matti most probably not since mastodon has its own API that differs from micro.blog‘s

@pratik I got curious and searched. Most call it „meatballs menu“, but I prefer „dumplings“ 🥟🥟🥟

Microsoft officially calls it „ellipsis button“ in their guidelines .

@colinwalker welcome back! Thank you for your openess about your journey. It's helping others a lot. Me included.

@matti brrrrr. It's quite clear why Finnish saunas are the best saunas.