Glorious weather for a fun run!

beautiful snowy scenery with a happy black dog

🟪 Yo!

😊 Riding the bike to kindergarten and back on the most scenic detour because the valley is flooded is THE BEST

Week 2: a tight fit

  • We are in the middle of our birthday season. Monday and Thursday were two of them. Lots of family, cake, coffee, great food. Tiring, but I’m still happy to be around such nice folks.
  • Work started again on Tuesday. Getting sorted and doing a deep dive into database performance analysis took the most time.
  • WordPress might be nice to use for some, but you really, REALLY need to know what you’re doing. Otherwise one quite popular site that’s behind a CDN might get close to kill a really big database server. 🙄
  • We have a big freezer in the cellar now. I measured before ordering so I could be sure it fit through the tight cellar door. After taking off the hinges it fit. And I got lucky that the steep stairs weren’t a cm narrower.
  • 2023 feels really good so far.
  • I definitely feel changed since just a couple weeks ago. Didn’t start with the new year but earlier. So lucky.
  • Running was painful this week.
  • These weeknotes are still fun. I had to remind myself through the week to just jot some notes down. And taking out a few to put to my private notes. And it most certainly helps that quite a lot are posting theirs early on Sunday.
  • I haven’t used my camera in two weeks. It’s something about the greyness outside. Maybe I should try some walks with a black&white film silmulation pre set.

7! 🎂

Likes should be visible to only the Like-or and the Like-ee. Liking something is a simple, unobtrusive way to let someone know I appreciate what they wrote. It’s also a way to get a little bump when someone likes what I wrote. No one else need be involved.

I like that idea.

There’s no need for any metrics on “likes”, but the signal itself is helpful.

In face-to-face conversation there’s all kinds of non-verbal communication. you can nod your head, smile. We’ve come up with a similar language online, I don’t think there’s any more meaning in this.

I don’t get Dave’s TV parallel, but I agree that Like is something that’s part of the language of social media.

Week 1: it's a start

  • Let’s start this thing. Always wanted to, like most of the time I procrastinated on it. Please welcome my very first week note.
  • Picked up running again after a break for more than a year. Feels like riding the Ebike kept me in a basic shape. The first half of last year was one of the worst health wise. Not just Covid, but all around the body. That’s getting older for me.
  • A two week break over the holidays is coming to an end. We’ve done this every year in our company’s history and after the last two strange ones, I could come back to the way of taking a week to fill up my belly with great food, just relax and enjoy family and friends and then do some DIY home improvement build. Feels great to build something again.
  • I’ve built a big box with a large drawer for all the toys in the kids room which also serves as a whole platform in itself. Felt good to do some building with my hands again. And it’s good that we have a crooked house. It demands to build something without right angle…
  • On Saturday J. And I gave each 5 hours just for themselves. I had migraine in the morning and was completely lazy. It was great.
  • It looks like I helped @assbach to revive his blog with a weekly review. What a coincidinc.
  • Dominik started a side project to collect week notes for some group pressure accountability: weeknotes.cafe. That’s a good idea.
  • For reference, the people who inspired me to write weak notes: Alice Bartlett, James Van Dyne and maique. And probably some more.

I love how in winter you can notice how nature does it’s thing in special ways.

And that there’s a point in not sweeping the leaves 😬

Half rotten leaves getting pulled into the ground in between paving

I need to build something to make me use quotebacks more often. They just look way nicer and I hope it helps me using webmentions.

Let’s start with an adaption of my drafts share template.

<blockquote class="quoteback" darkmode="" data-title="[[title]]" data-author="AUTHOR" data-avatar="" cite="[[url]]">
<footer>AUTHOR<cite> <a href="[[url]]" class="u-in-reply-to">[[url]]</a></cite></footer>
</blockquote><script note="" src="https://micro.blog/quoteback.js"></script>

I haven’t tried yet, but I thing I only need to adapt AUTHOR and add or remove parts when posting to make it really look nice.

Why quotebacks again?

The ethos behind Quotebacks is one of the reasons why I love the product. Yes, it’s a great addition to my thinking toolkit, allowing me to store quotes without polluting my note-taking and thinking system. But it’s also a tool which aims at making the Internet a more generous place. If you regularly write online, give it a try!

what micro.blog gets right by removing things

Jeannie McGeehan - The problem with the favorite button

m.b forces me into genuine interaction with a post’s author in a conversation-like manner which is a good thing, even If there is some resistance on that path. I now understand the problem with the favorite button and the path of least resistence. It removes genuine interaction and replaces it with a convenient click.

The other thing missing intentionally?

No simple boosts, but posting a proper quote. Comment on it or don’t.

The web is simpler

This is day 5 of #100DaysOfIndieWeb - Tantek

The #IndieWeb approach is the simpler day-to-day approach. […] Your own site. Write first, defer “destination decisions”. Create first, edit for audience(s) second. It’s refreshing & liberating. Whether text, photos, videos, podcasts, brief thoughts, thinking out loud, a considered essay or “thought piece”, or replies to any of the above, start with your own site. […] You can defer destination decisions & editing to some point in the future entirely, when you feel it’s worth your time. You decide how and when to spend time creating vs editing. You are in control.

I enjoy my home on the web more and more. Every day.

/via Dave Winer

Best saw ever. japanese saw sawing plywood


💫Start a Fucking Blog

This is a fucking blog, and it’s wonderful. It’s perfect. It allows you to share your words, in your own voice, with no corporate fuckery to fuck it up for you.

I’ve just activated automatic deletion of all messages on my mastodon thingy. I’m going to treat mastodon as ephemeral chat from now on.
It’s part of me remodelling my web usage and put even more focus on my own home. social.lol/@muhh

I’ve just activated automatic deletion of all messages on my mastodon thingy. I’m going to treat mastodon as ephemeral chat from now on.

It’s part of me remodelling my web usage and put even more focus on my own home.

Happy new year!

pastry which looks like pig’s head

Brossd Neujahr!

Gudn ruddsch!

fire red sunset

If todays sunset is an indicator of next year’s weather, it’s going to be on fire.

☕️ party preparations

Someone’s early

a ladybird on my wooden desk

Where the year has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.

Greg Moore · Litany Against Resolutions

lol'ing for over a year now!

I registered my beautiful muhh.omg.lol address over thirteen months ago, and it took me only a few weeks, until one day before Christmas Eve, to start using it properly. On Christmas Eve I entered Adam’s charity auction and I’ve had a lifetime address ever since.

In this year I’ve been a happy user and Adam is continueing to build a mighty empire of different small but helpful services. Some, like the mastodon server social.lol, I use heavily, some I don’t.
I even bought the domain muhh.lol to follow the IndieWeb principle to own my content, which led to omg.muhh.lol as my generic profile page for the web.

You really should use get an address there right now. Or next year, but then at a raised price.

What made me write this post, is that there is a referral programme for omg.lol in place. You can collect credits for referalls and then receive credit to use in time for the service(s). Or even make gift codes out of the credit for others to use.

So if anyone remembers they started using omg.lol because of me, please let them know. For science only, of course. I don’t need the credit.

If I ever get credit on my time account, I’ll give it away, like @maique is doing right now.

One thing that drives me a bit mad right now: I don’t know who brought me there and who I could put in as my referrer. Does anyone know how I found out about this fabulous place? Or how I could find out? It’s been such a long time.

But, and this is the personal part of this little rambling story: It changed me by putting the “LOL” in my head and directing my online consumption and presence in a more fun way. It’s led to me posting more this year than I have in a very, very long time. I’ve interacted a lot more. It made me enjoy all the things a lot more.

I’ve also realised that micro.blog does a lot of things right by denying access to unhealthy metrics like follower counts or “likes”. Which was a major reason why I basically stopped using the big, corporate social networks. I even doubt that my mastodon usage is right for me. It’s just too much for my easy to distract brain. It obviously prefers calmer and joyful places.

In short, omg.lol has brought fun into my life, made it better, and for that I am very grateful. My blog will remain my constant rock on the internet, and micro.blog is good for that right now.

Except I still have muhh.lol available and I feel the urge to build something up again myself. For the lols 🤣.

Merry Christmas to all you lovely people!

me in a Christmas tree  ball. Red and green.