🏑 Back home. Best place.

🏑 Back home. Best place.

Hand in Hand.

πŸ•οΈ Packing the 🚍

That’s what I do the day before we leave with the camper. We can wash hands again!

Hmmmm, conversations on micro.blog when read through mastodon are threaded!?

When I played with micro.blog's API, it looked like it didn’t support this.

Is threading only available through activityPub, @manton?

I only set the import to my timeline on micro.blog, but not into the blog itself. Changed that and this is a first test.

oh, boy, I'm already missing using markdown and proper links.

So for now I'm no longer writing directly into byzero.de, but have the posts imported there. So no one misses anything.

I'll test it out for a few weeks and then see how I go on.

This means I can (finally!) use phanpy.social again for reading and writing. Geez, I really missed that. And since this client displays all the addictive factors of Mastodon in a very reduced way, I hope it keeps the dopamine releases in check.

In any case, it's a pleasure to be able to take my data from one service to another with little effort. Many thanks @manton!

I have missed the people in my Mastodon timeline. I've tried following some of them from micro.blog, but the reading and interaction experience there is pretty convoluted.

So I just exported my followings from micro.blog and imported them onto my mastodon account - social.lol/@muhh.

I really miss a bit more flexibility in what is displayed in my timeline.
I would like to have RSS feeds that only show the posts but not the replies, and then another feed that only shows the replies but includes the whole conversation.

So I’m getting familiar with micro.blog’s APIs.

I really enjoy the rain, even during the wine hike last weekend.

me in with a backpack, closed eyes, face to the skye, enjoying the rain. a wine glass on a rope hanging around my neck

I’m annoyed how I developed the same passive scrolling-only habit on my mastodon account and neglected feeds and micro.blog.

The mastodon apps are gone for now. No crossposting as well.

Let’s see how the next weeks go.

> practice every day: Kindness, compassion, and love β€” beginning with yourself

– Patrick Rhone


Sometimes I wish phanpy.social would work as a micro.blog client.

Last week I removed a whole lot of sources in my feed reader (only 158 left!) and watched the number of new posts for a couple of days.

I am now trying to only use readwise reader for the 10-20 updates per day.

Is this only me: I browse the micro.blog timeline, enjoy the posts and comments and find a link. I click, read and press the back button to go back to where you where.

But. It throws me back to the beginning of the timeline. Or below it. But almost never to the same place as before.



remembering my trip to Ireland

two dead trees in front of the irish shore foxglove in the grass beardy man in a nerd t-shirt checking his phone standing on an empty street guard by grassy borders a little creek in a park