🧺 laundry and the walking dead during lunch break.

My product is my garden | α••( ᐛ )α•— Herman’s blog

That’s what I want from my products. I want to putter about, feel connected to the process, and have fun doing so. I want to make things that don’t scale. To see people tuck into them and enjoy them as people, not as stats. […] Something niche but valuable. Something I can spend time on because I want to.
Being able to talk to, and interact with the people using my tools is fulfilling. Spending time meticulously improving subtle aspects of the product is enjoyable.

My kinda guy.

All the ways

Taking a little break during “Day in the Life of Micro.blog Photo Challenge for 2022” - 14:40 CEST on October 14, 2022 in Hammelburg, Germany

πŸ˜– Trying not to complain too much about the post-vacc sore arm.

πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ¦ πŸ’‰

πŸ§‘β€πŸ’Ό Doing that coworking on a livestream thingy

πŸ“Ί Setting up owncast for my livestream. Fun!

So I wrote the first edition of a newsletter for our local association of the green party and what did happen?

A typo.

In the subject.

Manton Reece - Big improvements to ActivityPub on Micro.blog

enable ActivityPub on their Micro.blog account. For now, if you’d like to enable it, just head over to the Account page and click the β€œSet Mastodon-compatible Username” button.

BIG improvements and they are very welcome!

This is part of the stuff I wouldn’t be able to pull of if I self hosted my blog and why I’m very happy to do it at micro.blog.

It feels good in the open web right now.

βœ‰ Writing a newsletter. This is more work than I expected. But such a rewarding thing since it's a review of a couple of months full of work as well.

Playing around with the Pixelfed beta app and it feels a lot like the instagram of old. I might set up my own instance for myself. Hmm.

πŸ₯Έ Pondering my avatar options.


You know why I really like omg.lol?

It’s cute. Nice to use. Helpful. The community around is wonderful and hilarious.

And, almost all services can be used with my own domain.

The newest?
paste.lol. Mine’s available as bin.muhh.lol.

A walk with the dog

Through the wineyards in my extended garden.

Together with my lovely dog.

There even where some late bloomers.

And a chance to do some street photography πŸ€“

I took the camera with me again on this sunny autumn afternoon walk. Finally.

Withered sunflowers behind a stone wall and in front of the blue sky

πŸ₯± Looking forward to the time when I’m not always feeling tired.

πŸ§’ Elternabend im Hort.

😌 Went for a short walk and had scones. Feels better already.

😩 Again I'm extremely tired after tonights disruption(s). Let's see what this day brings…

😠 Server down, Markus up. πŸ₯±

😫 So tired. And so little patience.

🦷 getting them checked

πŸŸͺ Yo!