Finally started building that nice keyboard which was laying around for waaaay too long now.

The soldering of the controller part went well for the most part, but the computer crashed during the first test.
On the Mac behind a docking station, I only get an error message saying that the USB device is consuming too much power.
So there is obviously a short circuit somewhere. As far as I can see on the USB-C port. With its 16 pins in a very small space.


Now I’d like to put the thing back in the corner for another year…

Black dog runs with a long pole in its mouth in front of a vineyard wall

She loves her big sticks.

grab your lost blog from the wayback machine

15 years ago today the “microblogging conference 09” happened in Hamburg #mbc09

This is the highpoint of my “microblogging journey” where I even had a dedicated blog about microblogging, Ah, good times, discovering and and even meeting @evan himself.

Too bad the shirts he had left didn’t fit.

Additionally to going back a route down to remember Cem Basman I crawled around the wayback machine looking at what I did there 15 years ago on
I really liked what I found there and wanted a local copy since I deleted the Drupal and its data in 2013. Probably because of sleep deprivation.

Anyways, I found the wayback machine downloader gem.

It only needed a gem install wayback_machine_downloader and a wayback_machine_downloader -t 20130828020930 -a to get a local copy.

It’s formatted in proper HTML that I can now incorporate as an archive in my own site and get inspiration from my ideas I had so long ago.

White valley a black and white photo of the Saale valley covered in ice and snow

New year, new colors.

A mechanical keyboard with mainly black keycaps

💫 Copy, Acquire, Kill— How Meta could pull off the most extraordinary pivot in tech history

Meta’s sudden interest in ActivityPub and Mastodon doesn’t make much sense. There are a few impossibly consistent talking points floating through the Fediverse. Each tries to explain away the oddity of Meta’s presence.
I don’t buy any of it. This is a plan years in the making. And we’re watching Meta’s biggest hurdle play out in real-time.

A very interesting POV that matches a lot how I see it. And reminds me of what „everyone“ told Twitter to create in its early stages (~<= 2010): to provide plumbing aka infrastructure.

RSS never died and remains the best way to follow what you love


Happy (winter|summer) solstice everywhere!

one can create posts in the past using the scheduling function in
just did that with this entry to journal my covid journey.


and what I noticed: I could toggle where crossposts should be sent to. Disabled everything in that case.

The week ends like it started. With a broken database cluster. At least tonight it’s running smoothly to restore replication and it’ll hopefully be done in 30 minutes. Not like on Monday night where it took 12 hours.

What a week. Thank gods it’s Monday.

Tales from isolation

Let’s not just dump all the crap to my status log but create a living blog post. Because why not.

2023-12-09 10:38 UTC 🤯 After three days of paralysis, I’m finally getting round to using my “free time” in isolation for nice things. For example, installing Proxmox on the workstation. And maybe solder that keyboard that’s been waiting for way to long now. Or continue the work on the new blog or finish setting up the Linux laptop with nixOS on it or rearrange to home office space or WAAAAAH.

11:43 – I’m happy to have made a decision, treat myself to a piece of chewing gum and pull out a big old filling. There’s now a gaping hole in my teeth and I have to laugh out loud.

14:30 – I successfully open the PC and swapped the SSD for a new one to install Proxmox on. Nice stuff, already learned a lot. Mostly that I’m not able to easily do what I imagined to do, namely to make a VM directly access attached hardware like the display, keyboard and things. Well, it’s probably possible, but I don’t know yet.

16:30 – With some lunch in my stomach I again got very tired. Back to just doing nothing but binge watch all the new The Walking Dead spin-offs.

💫 The personality of a personal website – Manu

Just be comfortable in your digital home. It’s all that matters

I’ve reactivated the keyboard on my big iPad to create a typewriter. Better than buying the next keyboard I’m not going to use.

And iAWriter is by far the most animating text creation tool I’ve ever used.


We don’t need more technology. Technology won’t fix human behaviour. We need kindness, we need compassion, we need a willingness to interact honestly with strangers online. That’s not something you can solve with a better protocol.

The truth is, I really adore plain text files and enjoy the editors designed to work well with them.

That’s neovim, and iA Writer for me.

Well, looks like I’ve started to write my „Defaults“ page.

a small test from the all new iA writer

a small test from the all new iA writer. A tool that’s been on my belt for many years but collected some dust. But it’s always been reliable when I wanted to get some serious writing done. Even when all my texts are handled by nowadays.

This is to test the integration and later on the micropub one.

I’m in the process of building my own CMS. Yeah, I know. The most basic thing is running on

And since it’s supposed to be a fun, but long lasting project, I’m starting with OpenBSD and learning how to do it in its way. Which means I’m learning relayd and httpd now.

Next: RSS feed.