15 years ago today the “microblogging conference 09” happened in Hamburg #mbc09

This is the highpoint of my “microblogging journey” where I even had a dedicated blog about microblogging, blogulus.de. Ah, good times, discovering identi.ca and status.net and even meeting @evan himself.

Too bad the identi.ca shirts he had left didn’t fit.

Additionally to going back a route down to remember Cem Basman I crawled around the wayback machine looking at what I did there 15 years ago on blogulus.de.
I really liked what I found there and wanted a local copy since I deleted the Drupal and its data in 2013. Probably because of sleep deprivation.

Anyways, I found the wayback machine downloader gem.

It only needed a gem install wayback_machine_downloader and a wayback_machine_downloader -t 20130828020930 -a http://blogulus.de to get a local copy.

It’s formatted in proper HTML that I can now incorporate as an archive in my own site and get inspiration from my ideas I had so long ago.