Let’s not just dump all the crap to my status log but create a living blog post. Because why not.

2023-12-09 10:38 UTC 🀯 After three days of paralysis, I’m finally getting round to using my “free time” in isolation for nice things. For example, installing Proxmox on the workstation. And maybe solder that keyboard that’s been waiting for way to long now. Or continue the work on the new blog or finish setting up the Linux laptop with nixOS on it or rearrange to home office space or WAAAAAH.

11:43 – I’m happy to have made a decision, treat myself to a piece of chewing gum and pull out a big old filling. There’s now a gaping hole in my teeth and I have to laugh out loud.

14:30 – I successfully open the PC and swapped the SSD for a new one to install Proxmox on. Nice stuff, already learned a lot. Mostly that I’m not able to easily do what I imagined to do, namely to make a VM directly access attached hardware like the display, keyboard and things. Well, it’s probably possible, but I don’t know yet.

16:30 – With some lunch in my stomach I again got very tired. Back to just doing nothing but binge watch all the new The Walking Dead spin-offs.