I need to build something to make me use quotebacks more often. They just look way nicer and I hope it helps me using webmentions.

Let’s start with an adaption of my drafts share template.

<blockquote class="quoteback" darkmode="" data-title="[[title]]" data-author="AUTHOR" data-avatar="" cite="[[url]]">
<footer>AUTHOR<cite> <a href="[[url]]" class="u-in-reply-to">[[url]]</a></cite></footer>
</blockquote><script note="" src="https://micro.blog/quoteback.js"></script>

I haven’t tried yet, but I thing I only need to adapt AUTHOR and add or remove parts when posting to make it really look nice.

Why quotebacks again?

The ethos behind Quotebacks is one of the reasons why I love the product. Yes, it’s a great addition to my thinking toolkit, allowing me to store quotes without polluting my note-taking and thinking system. But it’s also a tool which aims at making the Internet a more generous place. If you regularly write online, give it a try!