If you watched my livestream yesterday or today, you might have seen me building my new desktop PC. A very nice one without fans, without any moving parts actually.

I wanted a quite simple one, no need for a dedicated graphics card, so I went with an AMD CPU with integrated GPU. A compatible board is the Asrock Phantom thing with B550 chipset.

Thing is, only a mildly current BIOS supports these CPUs with integrated graphics chip. And the one I bought has an old BIOS revision. Of course.

So, does anyone of you - best from Germany/EU to avoid anything with customs - have an AMD CPU M4 socket, like 3xxx or 4xxx, at hand to borrow or sell it to me? Just needs to be on the supported CPU list where “Validated BIOS” is either P1.20 or All.

I’m already looking at ebay-kleinanzeigen.de…