I don’t like reading newsletters in my mail client. Not that I don’t like newsletters. My best information sources are newsletters. Besides blogs and twitter.

But with subscribing to more newsletters my mail client transformed even more to a place where I wanted to be contacted personally and not as part of an audience. It’s a place that might even trigger notifications and disturb me. If the sending person is important enough. No newsletter is that urgent or important. I tried filtering and putting them into out of the inbox into folders, but it was still a mix of two different mediums.

Reading and communication are two different things for me.

Just today Jason Snell posted an article how he sends newsletter into the RSS service feedbin, and that’s the same way I consume newsletters, by reading them in reeder, my feedreader of choice.

To make the emails accessible via RSS, I use the service Kill the newsletter which is a simple solution to this problem: you can create mailboxes with a unique email address which you can use to subscribe to the newsletters. This mailbox is accessible through a dedicated Atom feed you can subscribe to. That’s it.

I’ve converted almost all of my newsletter subscriptions to Kill the newsletter and my mailbox got even lighter.
I love it!