The indieweb is a fabulous place on the internet, maybe my most favorite one. I long saw myself as part of that community, but never made it to be active or even be able to contribute in a way that mattered.
The same happened with the lovely Drupal community. I lost touch and barely kept contact to all the nice people there.

And this nagged me to the point of feeling ashamed because I felt like I didn’t contribute at all anymore. It hurts that I can’t share my knowledge and experience on the interwebs, that I can’t create like I want to. I did before, like almost a decade ago.

But today I found a page on the indie web wiki that opened my eyes and explained this all in a shockingly simple way:

life happens - IndieWeb

life happens is a summary expression of numerous things that people experience in their actual physical lives that suddenly take higher priority than nearly anything else (like participation in volunteer-based communities), and the IndieWeb community is here to acknowledge, accept, and be supportive of community members experiencing this.


This page is here to acknowledge that yes, life happens, and that the IndieWeb community believes in mutual care-taking as a form of community resiliency.

The list on that page felt like a checklist where I ticked almost all the boxes.

That’s where it clicked: life is happening, all the time. I have a life.

A full one.

And that little epiphany just made me really happy. Thank you, indieweb community.

/via dominik – thank you!